Mailbox Policy

  • Massive supports such as telephone poles, heavy metal posts, concrete posts, antique farm equipment, or other similar items are prohibited. Any support must be designed so that if it is struck, it will bend or fall away from the striking vehicle to prevent severe damage to the vehicle or injury to the traveling public. If possible, all newspaper tubes and mailboxes shall be placed on the same post to avoid unnecessary posts.

  • Nothing shall be attached to the mailbox, newspaper tube, or its support.

  • Use of a semi-arch or extended arm-type support which allows snowplows to sweep near or under mailboxes without damaging supports is recommended.

  • When newspaper tubes are used other than those provided by the newspaper, the Highway Commissioner shall have the exclusive authority to approve the newspaper tube.

  • The Washington County Highway Department will repair or replace mailboxes that are physically struck by a county highway department truck.  A standard size and design box will be used. We will not repair mailboxes damaged by snow.

  • Please see Washington County Code, Chapter 12.04

  • Mailboxes should be mounted at a height of 41 to 45 inches from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox or point of mail entry.

  • Mailboxes should be set back 6 to 8 inches from the front face of the curb or edge of the shoulder to the mailbox door.