Highway Permits

The Washington County Highway Department issues permits for various types of activities or improvements occurring within County Trunk Highway right-of-way.

For questions, to report problems, or to request any of the following documents in a different file format, please call (262)335-5025 or send an email to webhwy@co.washington.wi.us.

Before replacing a culvert, paving an existing driveway, installing a new driveway, or constructing a new road, applicants shall first review the County Access Control Policy then submit a County Access Permit Application Form. For more information on our specifications and permitting process, applicants may utilize the County Access Permit Checklist.
County Access Permit Checklist
County Access Control Policy
County Access Permit Application Form

Before the installation of new or modification to existing utilities within County Trunk Highway right-of-way, applicants shall first review the County Utility Accommodation Policy then submit a County Utility Permit Application Form.
County Utility Accommodation Policy
County Utility Permit Application Form

Before transporting an overweight, overheight, overlength, or overwidth load on any County Trunk Highway, you must first submit a County Oversize Load Permit Application Form. There are no other load restrictions on any County Trunk Highways outside of what is stated in the Wisconsin State Statutes. For vehicle size and weight restrictions on town, village, or city roads, contact the local municipality. A Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Washington County as certificate holder must accompany the application as well as a $50 application fee.
County Oversize Load Permit Application Form
Certificate of Liability Insurance Sample


Before conducting any work within or modifying the landscape within County Trunk Highway right-of-way, you must first submit a Work Within Right-Of-Way Permit Application Form.
County Work Within Right-of-Way Permit Application Form

If you are organizing a parade or before conducting any other activity that would require a closure (including single-lane) and/or detour from a County Trunk Highway, you must first consult your local municipality (town, village or city) and then submit a County Trunk Highway Detour Permit Application Form after receiving approval an authorized municipal official.

*Please notify the Highway Department of detours on any other roadways (State Highway and town/village/city roads) that could result in increased traffic on County Trunk Highways.
County Trunk Highway Detour Permit Application Form