Family Mediation

Mediation Services

Mission Statement: Our purpose is to serve and support parents who are involved in custody and placement disputes and assist them in reaching mutually acceptable agreements. We seek to improve the lives of these parents and their children through the use of trained professional mediators who facilitate communication between parents and empower parents to come to a resolution which is satisfactory for both parties. We strive to help parents move beyond their present disagreements and focus on their children and their children's futures.

Mediation services are available during and after the divorce process or paternity action to assist parents in resolving disputes pertaining to legal custody, physical placement (visitation of their minor children), and other parenting issues.

The State of Wisconsin Court Access website provides a Request for Mediation form for individuals seeking mediation services through the circuit courts.

Call the Family/Senior Court Assistant at (262)335-4838 for more information.

There is a fee for mediation. If you would like to make arrangements for a payment plan for this fee, please call the Accounting Division of the Clerk of Courts at (262)335-4869.

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