Farmers - This is for You!

Have a 590 Nutrient Management Plan or interested to hear what is new! You're invited to the Washington/Ozaukee Farmer Update Meeting - Wed. January 22, 2020 at The Columbian in West Bend. RSVP by Monday, January 20.

What do you need to know?? Kind of a loaded question, however Land Conservation wanted to share some of the "should knows" and how to find out more information when you need it.

Links that get you there:

What Farmers Need To Know (pdf)
(NR 151) Department of Natural Resources
(ATCP 50) Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection
(Nutrient Mgt) Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection
(Snap Plus 18) Nutrient Management Planning Software
(Conservation Planning) Natural Resources Conservation Service
(Chapter 16) County Animal Waste Storage Facility Ordinance