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Candidate Tracking - County Board Supervisor - 2018
Zika Virus and Pregnancy Fact Sheet
County Oversize Load Permit Application Form
Surveyor Right of Trespass Law
Summary of Votes Cast 2-21-17
County Board Supervisor Candidates

Administration Department

Mural Prints Flyer
2016 Audit County Board Presentation
Washington County Strategic Communications Plan
Wireless Policy
Social Media Policy
2017-2021 Capital Improvement Plan
Boards and Committee Interest Form
Long Range Financial Plan
2017 Budget
Strategic Priorities 2017-2019
2018-2022 Capital Improvement Program

Aging and Disability Resource Center

Medicare Prescription Planfinder Directions
December Senior Dining Menu
2016-18 County Aging Plan
2017 Transition Fair Resource Guide
Transition Timeline
ADRC Newsletter
ADRC Resource Directory 2018

Clerk of Circuit Court

Domestic Abuse BrochureForm No.: GF1122
Harassment BrochureForm No.: GF1116
Child Abuse BrochureForm No.: GF1119
Civil Scheduling Conference Data Sheet Form No.: CV4003
Family Scheduling Conference Data Sheet - fillableForm No.: FA-2002
Itemization of Back Rents and DamagesForm No.: SC5029
Petition for Payment of FeesForm No.: GF-1013A
Order for Payment of FeesForm No.: GF-1013B
Divorce/Annulment WorksheetDivorce/Annulment Worksheet - uploaded 4/21/2017
Temporary Order WorksheetForm No. FA2072
Parenting When Relationships Change 20182018 Schedule for Parenting When Relationships Change class
CV4004 Execution Contact Information Slip for WCSO for SC & CV casesCV4004 Execution Contact Information Slip for WCSO for SC & CV cases Uploaded 4/27/17
e-Filing Quick Reference Guideefingquickref.pdf
Petition for Waiver of Fees and CostsCV-410A - State form Petition for Waiver of Fees and Costs - Affidavit of Indigency Uploaded: 5/2/2017
Parenting When Relationships Change 20172017 Schedule for Parenting When Relationships Change class
Circuit Court of Washington County - Language Access PlannLanguage Access Plan Policy - Guidelines consistent with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

County Attorney

Privacy Practice in Hmong
Privacy Practice in Spanish

County Clerk

Fee Schedule
Directory - 2017-2018
Certification of ballot 02-21-17 - Primary
Statement of Votes Cast - 2-21-17
Election Summary Report - 2-21-17
Certification of Ballot - 4-4-17
Election Summary Report-2-21-17
Election Summary Report 4-4-17
Statement of Votes Cast 4-4-17
County Campus
County Board Supervisor Candidates

County Treasurer

Local Treasurers
Municipality Tax Rates
Guide for Property Owners
Ag Use Conversion
Lottery & Gaming Credit FAQ
2017 Lottery Credit Application
Pay Real Estate Taxes Online
Pay Real Estate Taxes by Phone
2013 Tax Deed Listing
Unclaimed Funds-Wash Cnty Jan 2017
2017 Tax Bill Backer

Emergency Management

Winter Awareness
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Finance Department

2015 CAFR
2016 CAFR
2016 Budget
2017 Budget

Geographic Information System Division

GIS Data Price List
Land Information Plan: 2014 Update

Health Department

USDA/WIC Nondiscrimination Statement 2015
HIPAA Privacy NoticeThis notice describes how the Health Department may use and disclose medical information about you, and how you can get access to this information.
2015 Community Health Assessment
Reportable Disease CasesFrequently-updated summary statistics of disease incidents in Washington County that are reportable. For a more extensive report listing, see the "Brochures, Documents and Reports" section near the bottom of the Health Department home page.
2014 Annual ReportHealth Department's annual report to the public for 2014
2014 County Health SnapshotBased on data available for each county, this snapshot measures the overall health of Washington County residents so that comparisons can be made to populations elsewhere in the U.S.
2014 WI County Health RankingsThe County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program ( measures the population health of every county in Wisconsin and nearly every county in the nation. The Rankings help us understand what influences the health of our population, and how healthy we are and how long we may expect to live relative to other populations. The Rankings and Roadmaps help communities identify and implement solutions to create healthier places to live, learn, work, and play.
2013 Annual ReportHealth Department's annual report to the public for 2013

Highway Department

5-Year Hwy Improvement Plan 2018-2022_8-10-17
Access Control Policy
Utility Permit Form
Utility Accommodation Policy
Certificate of Liability Insurance Sample
County Oversize Load Permit Application Form
CTH Z/NN Project Area Map
CTH C Recon PIM Public Notice
CTH D Reconstruction Area and Bridge Closure Map
PRESS RELEASE - Woodford Drive Bridge Closure
CTH C Reconstruction Plan Map (10 MB)
CTH D Reconstruction Press Release
CTH C Recon - Project Area Map
CTH D Recon - Project Area Map
Work in Right-of-Way Permit Application Form
Detour Permit Application Form
Hwy Dept 2016 Annual Report
Access Permit Application Form
Press Release Section Corner Monument Survey
State of Wisconsin Right of Trespass Law
CTH Z/NN PIM 2 Map Exhibit
CTH Z/NN PIM 2 Handout
CTH P - Public Notice - PIM 9/14/17
CTH P 2018 Recon Project Area Map
Schmidt Road Closure
CTH M Bridge PIM Press Release

Human Services Department

2018 Budget Packet
2018 Provider Program Specifications
2018 Budget Application Form2018 Budget Application Form
2018 Budget Provider Request Form2018 Budget Provider Request Form
2018 Budget Summary Form2018 Budget Summary Form
Human Services Study

Park and Open Space Planning

Community Benefits of Parks and Open Spaces

Planning & Parks Department

DMS testingDMS testing for documents page.

Register in Probate and Clerk of Juvenile Court

Temporary Restraining Order, Harrassment
Transfer by Affidavit, $50,000 and Under
Affidavit of No Probate form
Affidavit of No Probate Fill-In form
Claim Against An Estate
Claim Against An Estate DOC form
Petition for Payment of FeesFORM NO.: GF-1013A
Order for Payment of Fees
Personal Representative's Guide to Informal Probate
Guideline for Formal Probate
Guideline for Summary Assignment
Guideline for Summary Settlement
Guideline for Special Administration
Guideline for Foreign Adoption
Guideline for Agency Adoption
Guideline for Adult Adoption
Guideline for Termination of Parental Rights
Guideline for Guardianship of an Incompetent
Guideline for Foreign GuardianshipGuideline to procedure and process to transfer a guardianship/conservatorship from another state to Wisconsin.
Guideline for Guardianship of a Minor
Guideline for Successor Guardian
Guideline for Step Parent Adoption
Guideline to Terminate Guardianship of Minor

Register of Deeds

Escrow Account Agreement

To establish an escrow account for online services, download and complete this form.  Return the completed form and your payment to our office.

Firm Contacts

Use this form when completing the Escrow Agreement.

Birth Application

Use this form if you wish to submit a request to obtain certified copy(s) of a birth certificate for a person who was either born in Washington County or if their parent(s) were living in Washington County at the time of their birth.

**Note: Per Wis Stat 69, a certified copy of a birth record is only available to persons who have a direct and tangible interest to the person who birth record is being requested**

Death Application

Use this form if you wish to submit a request to obtain certified copy(s) of a death certificate for a person who either died in Washington County or who resided in Washington County at the time of their death. 

**Note: Per Wis Stat 69, a certified copy of a death record is only available to persons who have a direct and tangible interest to the person who death record is being requested**

Marriage Application

Use this form if you wish to submit a request to obtain certified copy(ies) of a marriage certificate for a marriage that was performed in Washington County. 

**Note: Per Wis Stat 69, a certified copy of a marriage record is only available to persons who have a direct and tangible interest to the person who marriage record is being requested**

Cover Sheet

This cover sheet may be used to make documents conform with format requirements per Wis Stat 59.43(2m). 

LandShark User GuideLandShark User Guide
2017-18 Holiday Schedule
Condominium Checklist
Vital Record VerificationVital Record Verification Form

Samaritan Campus

Admission Application
Privacy Practice

Transit Services

Washington Co. Transit Policy and Procedures

Veterans Service Office