Bids and Proposals

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Bid & Proposal List  

Open Bids
StatusBid #TitleClosing Date Addenda
New BidRFQ #HWY14-11 Culvert, Slotted Culvert Drain pipe & Endwalls 9/17/2014 4:30:00 PM CT 1
New BidRFQ#14-15 Dry Suit 9/18/2014 3:00:00 PM CT 2
New BidRFB #PUR14-35 Ice Melting Salt 10/1/2014 2:00:00 PM CT

Closed Bids
StatusBid #TitleClosing DateAwarded VendorDate Awarded
ClosedRFB #FM14-27 (Re-Bid) Treasurerís Office Reception Counter Replacement 9/16/2014
ClosedRFB #FM14-31 Sidewalk and Curbing Replacement Project 9/10/2014 No Bids Received
ClosedRFB #HWY14-12 Slinger Highway Shop Parking Lot Resurfacing Project 9/8/2014 PAYNE & DOLAN INC. 9/9/2014
ClosedRFQ #HWY14-11 CTH D Bridge Design Services 9/3/2014
ClosedRFB #ADRC14-29 Catering Service - Senior Dining Program 8/20/2014 Samaritan Health Center 8/21/2014
ClosedRFB #FM14-27 Treasurer's Office Reception Counter Replacement Project 8/14/2014 No Bids Received - Re-Bidding
ClosedRFB #FM14-28 UWWC Parking Lot Construction Project 8/12/2014 Poblocki Paving Corporation 8/20/2014
ClosedRFB #FM14-25 Treasurer's Office Wall Construction Project 7/24/2014 Cardinal Construction 7/28/2014
ClosedRFB #FM14-24 Washington County Fair Park Asphalt Replacement Project 7/23/2014 All bids rejected - overbudget 8/6/2014
ClosedRFQ #PP14-12 Spaeth County Park Shelter Kit (Wood) 7/15/2014 Gerber Leisure Products 7/17/2014
ClosedHWY14-10 Highway Culvert Liner Projects for CTH D, CTH DW, CTH K & CTH NN 7/11/2014 Arbor Green, Inc. 7/16/2014
ClosedRFB#PUR14-23 Paper Products 6/20/2014 Multiple Bidders 6/27/2014
ClosedRFP #FM14-15 Youth Treatment Center Security Control System Replacement Project 6/6/2014 Abba Logic LLC 7/28/2014
ClosedRFB #FM14-14 Youth Treatment Center Flooring Replacements 6/5/2014 Kohls Floor Covering 7/11/2014
ClosedRFQ #HWY14-05 Bridge Deck Sealer 6/4/2014 Lincoln Contractors Supply Inc.
ClosedRFB #FM14-16 Youth Treatment Center Cabinetry/Workstation Project 6/4/2014 RJ Wood Industries, Inc. 7/11/2014
ClosedRFB #FM14-19 Fair Park Pavilion Flooring Replacement Project 5/29/2014 Kohls Floor Covering, Inc 6/2/2014
ClosedRFQ #HWY14-04 Spray Chemicals for Weed Control 5/27/2014 Adell Cooperative 6/2/2014