Bids and Proposals

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Bid & Proposal List  

Open Bids
StatusBid #TitleClosing Date Addenda
New BidRFB #HWY18-28 Diesel Powered 4x4Tractor with flail Mower Units 4/25/2018 10:30:00 AM CT
New BidRFQ #HWY18-35 Road Signs, Letters & Chip Seal Markers 5/3/2018 4:30:00 AM CT
New BidRFB #HWY18-20 Carbon Monoxide/Nitrogen Dioxide Monitoring Project 5/10/2018 2:00:00 PM CT

Closed Bids
StatusBid #TitleClosing DateAwarded VendorDate Awarded
ClosedRFB #FM18-24 Tile Floor Removal and Concrete Floor Polishing & Sealing Project 4/19/2018
ClosedRFB #FM18-03 Washington County Fair Park Asphalt Replacement Project 4/17/2018
ClosedRFQ #FM18-23 Scheduled Maintenance and Repair Services of Emergency Generators and Transfer Switches 4/12/2018
ClosedSOQ #PP18-15 Comprehensive Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan 4/12/2018
ClosedRFB #SAM18-19 Walk-In Air Spa Bathing System 3/22/2018 Carmac Company 3/27/2018
ClosedRFB #HWY18-14 One (1) New Service Body and One (1) Stainless Steel Dump Body 3/21/2018 Northland Equipment Co., Inc 3/22/2018
ClosedRFQ #HWY18-18 Guardrail, Impact Heads and Parts 3/7/2018 Western Culvert & Supply Inc 3/15/2018
ClosedRFP #PP18-10 Real Estate Broker Services 2/22/2018 RE/MAX Insight 3/14/2018
ClosedRFB #HWY18-11 Monument Condition Inventory (Phase I) 2/20/2018 M Squared Engineering 2/22/2018
ClosedRFB #PP18-12 Provide & Service Portable Toilets & Pump Holding & Septic Tanks 2/15/2018 port-a-john 3/1/2018
ClosedRFB #HWY18-01 Road Sign Maintenance Truck Chassis, Body and Attachments 2/13/2018 Utility Sales and Service 3/1/2018
ClosedRFB #SHR18-13 Squad Equipment Bid 2/9/2018 General Communications Inc.,
General Fire Equipment Co., Inc ,
Jefferson Fire & Safety, Inc
ClosedRFB #SHR18-09 Getac Ruggedized Tablets with Accessories 2/2/2018 TKK Electronics LLC 2/7/2018
ClosedRFB #FM18-05 Carpet Replacement Project 1/25/2018 Walter's Carpet Gallery, Inc 1/26/2018
ClosedRFB #SAM18-06 Commercial Cutaway Van with Cube Body and Lift 1/24/2018 Ewald Automotive Group 1/26/2018
ClosedRFB #HWY18-02 Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Dump Bodies 12/20/2017 Monroe Truck Equipment 1/4/2018
ClosedRFP #SHR17-38 Video Surveillance System Upgrade Project 11/28/2017 SGTS INC 2/20/2018
ClosedRFB #FM17-59 Generator Replacement Project at the University of Wisconsin, Washington County Campus (UWWC) 10/26/2017
ClosedRFQ #PP17-52 Brownfield Remediation Project 10/25/2017 The Reese Group 11/6/2017
ClosedRFP #ADRC17-63 Personal Care and Non-Medical Home Care Services 10/25/2017 Almost Family, Inc.,
MCFI Home Care