Bids and Proposals

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Bid & Proposal List  

Open Bids
StatusBid #TitleClosing Date Addenda
New BidRFQ#ADRC15-17 Senior Conference Catering Services 3/4/2015 3:00:00 PM CT
New BidRFQ #PP15-06 Leonard J Yahr County Park Furnace Replacement Project 3/5/2015 3:00:00 PM CT 1
New BidRFQ #PP15-01 Asbestos Abatement Work for Demolition of Structures at Ridge Run & Homestead Hollow County Parks 3/6/2015 1:00:00 PM CT 1
New BidRFB #PP15-10 Provide & Service Portable Toilets & Pump Holding & Septic Tanks 3/9/2015 2:00:00 PM CT

Closed Bids
StatusBid #TitleClosing DateAwarded VendorDate Awarded
ClosedRFQ #GC15-05 Washington County Golf Course Maintenance Building Furnace and Air Conditioning Unit Replacement Project 3/3/2015
ClosedRFQ #FM15-02 UWWC Gym Doors Replacement Project 2/25/2015 LaForce Inc 3/2/2015
ClosedRFP #FM15-11 Architectural Services for Roof Replacement & Repair Projects 2/23/2015
ClosedRFB #SHR15-05 Robotic Total Station & Related Equipment 2/17/2015 Turning Point Systems Group 2/19/2015
ClosedRFP #SHR15-08 Inmate Medical Services 2/13/2015
ClosedRFQ#SHR15-04 Squad Car Accessories 2/12/2015 Multiple Awards 2/13/2015
ClosedRFP #HR15-01 Employee Benefits Brokerage and Consulting Services 1/29/2015 Postponed 2/17/2015
ClosedRFB #GC15-04 Electric Golf Cart Lease 1/28/2015
ClosedRFB #HWY15-03 Trailer Mounted Hydro Excavator 1/15/2015 LF George Inc 2/16/2015
ClosedRFQ #SHR14-18 Purchase of 1 New Covered 2 Place Snowmobile Trailer 12/16/2014 Sno Bird Trailers LLC 1/9/2015
ClosedRFB #SHR14-40 Purchase of 2 New Snowmobiles 12/16/2014 Action Power Sports 12/19/2014
ClosedRFQ #PP14-14 Asbestos & Lead Based Paint Inspection and Survey Project 12/2/2014 Cardinal Environmental 12/9/2014
ClosedRFQ #HWY14-13 Guardrail and Parts 11/14/2014 HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS 11/17/2014
ClosedRFP #SHR14-32 Next Generation(NG) 911 Phone System 11/14/2014 AT&T Global Services, Inc. 1/6/2015
ClosedRFQ #PP14-16 Electrical Work for Demolition of Structures at Ridge Run County Park 11/13/2014 Vinii Solar Engineering & Electric 11/18/2014
ClosedRFQ #PP14-17 Plumbing Work for Demolition of Structures at Ridge Run County Park 11/13/2014 albiero plumbing inc 11/14/2014
ClosedRFB #PP14-33 Glacier Hills County Park Window Replacement Project 11/13/2014 Softer Lite Window Company 11/20/2014
ClosedRFB#GC14-38 Fertilizer & Pesticides 10/30/2014 Reinders Inc,
John Deere Landscapes ,
Frontier FS