Bids and Proposals

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Bid & Proposal List  

Open Bids
StatusBid #TitleClosing Date Addenda
New BidRFB #GC17-09 New Jacobsen Truckster MS-E or Cushman Hauler with Accessories 1/18/2017 2:00:00 PM CT
New BidRFB #PP17-05 Glacier Hills County Park Hall Renovations Project - Electrical Work 1/25/2017 2:00:00 PM CT 2
New BidRFP #ADRC17-10 Corporate Guardianship Services 1/26/2017 2:00:00 PM CT
New BidRFP #PP17-13 Beer Garden Concessions at Ackerman's Grove County Park 2/15/2017 2:00:00 PM CT

Closed Bids
StatusBid #TitleClosing DateAwarded VendorDate Awarded
ClosedRFB #PP17-06 Glacier Hills County Park Hall Renovations Project - Plumbing Work 1/6/2017 Albiero Plumbing Inc 1/12/2017
ClosedRFB #SHR17-07 Squad Equipment Bid 12/20/2016 Baycom,
General Communications ,
General Fire Equipment Co ,
Jefferson Fire & Safety
ClosedRFB #PP16-30 Leonard J Yahr County Park Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Project 11/16/2016 Basement Repair Specialists 11/29/2016
ClosedRFB #FM16-29 Air Filter Bid 11/10/2016 Tri Dim Filter Corp 12/8/2016
ClosedRFQ #HWY16-18 Purchase and Installation of Vehicle Decals 11/1/2016 FASTSIGNS 11/2/2016
ClosedRFB#SAM16-28 Medical Supply Bid 10/31/2016 Multiple Awards 12/16/2016
ClosedRFB#GC16-25 Fertilizer and Pesticides 10/18/2016 Reinders Inc,
Clesen Pro Turf Solutions ,
Helena Chemical Company ,
Horst Distributing Inc.
ClosedRFQ #HWY16-13 Bridge Design Services 10/13/2016 MSA Professional Services 12/8/2016
ClosedRFB #FM16-24 Washington County Concrete Sidewalk & Curbing Replacement Project 10/5/2016 T.P. Concrete Inc 10/20/2016
ClosedRFB #PP16-23 Sandy Knoll County Park Asphalt Pathways Paving Project 9/22/2016 Poblocki Paving Corporation 9/23/2016
ClosedRFB #PUR16-22 Water Softener Salt 9/19/2016 Superior Salt Service LLC 10/7/2016
ClosedRFQ #SHR16-08 Sale and Removal of Salvage Vehicles 8/22/2016 Auto & Scrap Rec 8/23/2016
ClosedRFP #ADM16-11 Countywide Audio/Visual (A/V) Technology & County Boardroom Voting System Consulting and Design Services 8/10/2016 Proposal Received was Rejected 8/26/2016
ClosedRFB #HWY16-12 Monument Condition Inventory (Phase I) 8/9/2016 K. Singh & Associates, Inc. 8/11/2016
ClosedRFB #FM16-21 Parking Lot Maintenance Project 7/26/2016 Poblocki Paving Corporation 8/1/2016
ClosedRFB #PP16-20 Heritage Trails County Park Log Cabin Sale and Removal Project 7/21/2016 Honest Abe's Reclaimed Barnwood 7/27/2016
ClosedRFB #FM16-14 Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) Replacement Project 7/20/2016 Zien Mechanical 10/25/2016
ClosedRFB #HWY16-07 5000 LB. Cushion Tire Forklift 7/13/2016 Capital Equipment & handling 7/19/2016
ClosedRFP #HSD16-19 Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Treatment Services 7/6/2016 Professional Services Group, Inc. 8/23/2016
ClosedRFB #FM16-16 Government Center Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System Replacement Project 6/21/2016 Steiner Electric, Inc. 7/15/2016
ClosedRFB #FM16-18 Scheduled Maintenance and Repair Services of UPS Systems 6/16/2016 DC Group 6/20/2016
ClosedRFP #FIN16-06 Human Resources and Payroll System 1/29/2016 Tyler Technologies 7/25/2016