Bids and Proposals

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Bid & Proposal List  

Open Bids
StatusBid #TitleClosing Date Addenda
New BidRFP #HR15-17 Employee Benefits Brokerage and Consulting Services 5/26/2015 2:00:00 PM CT 2
New BidRFQ #HWY15-14 Spray Chemicals 5/26/2015 4:30:00 PM CT
New BidRFB #FM15-24 Inspection & Routine Maintenance Program for Fire Extinguishers 5/27/2015 2:00:00 PM CT 1
New BidRFQ #HWY15-15 Transit Vehicle Decals & Lettering 5/27/2015 4:30:00 PM CT
New BidRFB #FM15-25 Fair Park Pavilion Flooring Replacement Project 6/2/2015 2:00:00 PM CT
New BidRFB #PP15-26 Homestead Hollow Roof Replacement Project 6/4/2015 2:00:00 PM CT
New BidRFB #FM15-06 University of Wisconsin Washington County (UWWC) Roof Replacement & Repair Project 6/9/2015 2:00:00 PM CT
New BidRFP #TRAN15-08 Operate Shared Ride Taxi Service in Washington County 6/22/2015 2:00:00 PM CT
New BidRFP #TRAN15-09 Operate Commuter Express Bus Services in Washington County 6/22/2015 2:00:00 PM CT

Closed Bids
StatusBid #TitleClosing DateAwarded VendorDate Awarded
ClosedRFQ #PP15-09 Isadore & Lorraine Spaeth County Park Entrance Gates Project 5/14/2015 Statewide Fencing Inc. 5/15/2015
ClosedRFB #FM15-19 Washington County Fair Park Ziegler Building AC Unit Fence Project 5/8/2015 Statewide Fencing Inc. 5/15/2015
ClosedRFQ #HWY15-13 Plastic & Metal Culvert with Hardware 5/6/2015 Metal Culverts, Inc. 5/8/2015
ClosedRFQ #HWY15-11 CTH XX & Kohler Dr Intersection Project - Curbing Work 5/5/2015 T.P. Concrete Inc 5/7/2015
ClosedRFQ #HWY15-12 Soil Boring Testing 5/5/2015 Professional Service Industries (PSI) 5/8/2015
ClosedRFB #FM15-18 Carriage House Roof Replacement Project 5/1/2015 Tri-County Contracting 5/4/2015
ClosedRFP #HSD15-15 Onsite Clinic-Based Pharmacy Services 4/30/2015
ClosedRFQ #SHR15-03 Firing Range Weed Control Services at Heritage Trails County Park 4/16/2015 Scott's Landscape, Inc. 4/23/2015
ClosedRFB #FM15-13 Window Washing Services 4/16/2015 The Window Brothers 5/7/2015
ClosedRFB #PP15-02 Demolition of Structures at Ridge Run and Homestead Hollow County Parks Project 4/15/2015 Badgerland Demolition & Earthwork, Inc 4/20/2015
ClosedRFB #SHR15-03 Construction of Wooden Outdoor Firing Range Shelters & Overhead Baffles & Berm Excavation Project 4/14/2015 H.I.S. Corporation 4/22/2015
ClosedRFQ#HWY15-10 Self Propelled Walk Behind Concrete Saw 4/13/2015 Lincoln Contractors Supply Inc 4/21/2015
ClosedRFB#HWY15-07 CTH XX & Kohler Drive Intersection Construction Project 4/10/2015 PAYNE & DOLAN INC. 4/13/2015
ClosedRFQ #HWY15-09 Road Signs, Letters and Numbers 4/9/2015 Newman Signs, Inc 4/10/2015
ClosedRFQ #FM15-08 Annual Inspection & Testing of Fire Roll Up Doors 4/9/2015 J F Cook Co Inc/OVHD Co of Gr Milwaukee 4/13/2015
ClosedRFB #GC15-12 Washington County Golf Course Clubhouse Window Replacement Project 3/24/2015 H.I.S. Corporation 4/6/2015
ClosedRFB #PP1514 One (1) 2015 Utility Vehicle 3/19/2015 St. Lawrence Equip. Inc. 3/26/2015
ClosedRFB #PP15-10 Provide & Service Portable Toilets & Pump Holding & Septic Tanks 3/9/2015 port-a-john,
Schulteis Sanitation, Inc.
ClosedRFQ #PP15-01 Asbestos Abatement Work for Demolition of Structures at Ridge Run & Homestead Hollow County Parks 3/6/2015 Environet, Inc. of Wisconsin 3/6/2015
ClosedRFQ #PP15-06 Leonard J Yahr County Park Furnace Replacement Project 3/5/2015 Belonger Corporation Inc. 3/9/2015
ClosedRFQ#ADRC15-17 Senior Conference Catering Services 3/4/2015 Cedar Community 3/6/2015
ClosedRFQ #GC15-05 Washington County Golf Course Maintenance Building Furnace and Air Conditioning Unit Replacement Project 3/3/2015 Sure-Fire, Inc. 3/9/2015